I am not from the medical field & can not diagnose or prescribe.  I believe in  helping the body and mind to become balanced so it can heal itself.  The techniques that I have learned bring the body into balance which often reduces pain & increases the sense of wellbeing.


$120 90 Minute Session  Physical & Emotional balancing Footzone with Therapeutic Essential Oils & SmarterDrops™ used during the session.  Time is taken to investigate they myriad of reasons that can block a footzone signal as well as including brain balancing techniques.

You are welcome to request your fotzone session on a message table if you desire.



$60 30 Minute s                         Relax on a massage table while healing music is played, Essential Oils are placed on specific points on your face, ears, arms, hands & feet.  Quick Brain balance and light quick footzone at the  end of the session leaves you Emotionally & Physically balanced.




$120 75-90 Minute Energy Session                    I use several different methods to investigate what is blocking you from health & discover why things didn't process & clear as they should have.
Physical or Emotional issues can be investigated.
free 60 minute energy session When purchasing 3 products (on autoship) called the triangle of health from  

I can do this as distant work. (I am happy to do a discount for the first session where I only charge $60 an hour.) 

I also use techniques from the following modalities: Emotion Code, Body Code, Quantum Touch, & Healer's Blueprint,Investigating Brain and Investigatng Health, and  the Complete Alignment Technique.  If you come in person for a session, I may have you journalling, reading health books or learning about homeopathy while I work on your energy. =)

For more details, go to FAQ tab, "What is Energy Work?" & "What can Energy Work Help With?" & "Emotional Release."
I have learned that if a distant session is needed,  I prefer for the client to stay on the phone while I work. If that isn't possible because of scheduling reasons, I can report back when I'm finished.  I do like to take a couple minutes to teach a client things & so I have extended the session to be 75 minutes so we can have time to chat, but it is very possible that a session could only take an hour.   I do like to hear how clients are doing after I work on them.  Texting me 1 or 2 days after a session is fine to let me know if physical symptoms reduced/increased or if you are still feeling balanced & peaceful.  If not, I can try to do something for free for 15 minutes. If it feels like its something bigger, then we'll need to set another appoinment.  Healing happens in layers- it took many years for you to create what you are & it will take multiple sessions to help, but results at some level should be seen fairly easily.



$80 60 Minute Session                                                                 Learn breathing techniques, meditations that help in specific ways, exercises to get your Qi moving, &/or how to process emotions in a healthy way. Also uses Essential Oils & SmarterDrops™ during a session.


Can do this as a skype session or zoom if needed.
For more details see FAQ topics "WHAT IS ENERGY WORK" & "What is Emotional Release"



$60 40 Minute Session Lori-Kay does a little bit of energy work for free (if you desire) while you have your feet in the water.



20% off therapeutic essential oils (cost range from $5-$35)



Balance Your Brain and connect more easily to applying knowledge and making decisions. During a session the autonomic nervous system is balanced (the part of the brain that deals with hormones, digestion, blood pressure) and the emotional part of our brain that affects how we interact with others. Balancing the meridians is also part of a Brain Balancing session as well as making sure that your energy is authentically yours. We often get overlayed by others energy. Experience the essence of YOU and come get connected to the beauty of what IS there. Book an appointment by copying the link with the amount of time you wouldlike your session to be. LoriiKay charges just $1 a minute and wants to stay within your budget. 
30 min. session
45 minute session
60 minute session
75 minute session

By accessing brain points & inviting blocks to dissolve, space is created to respond more graciously to daily circumstances. Helps with beliefs about money, control, communication, fear & sadness.

Did you know there is a part of your brain that holds information about the way you judge? Its a place where information about  ideas, beliefs, and attitudes are held  which affect how you think, how you react and how you allow change in your body and thinking.   I really enjoy doing this kind of work and love to serve in this way!
During a Brain Balancing session I also clear a total of 24 brain processing centers.  One of which deals with what you are attracting into your life and to access the part where you  recreate  and stay looped in the same experience.    Other procesing cetners deal with us feeling kindness, gratitude and being able to FEEL calm and peaceful! Its a beautiful thing!
Heather D.gave a review of: 
 "An easy 5 stars, no brainer. But speaking of brains... what Lori-Kay does with brain balancing is amazing and powerful and life changing! I could feel the positive shifts inside my brain as she worked on me. That week, I noticed that I was thinking and behaving more positively and was not chained down by past belief systems that were not serving me. It really is beautiful what she does.
Y. Correa said:  "Lori Kay is amazing! I've been getting energy work by her for about 3 years now. She's helped me through anxiety and some other issues that have come up. Not only is she extremely gifted, she is very sweet and compassionate. I always leave her feeling complete and lighter. I've had energy work from others in the past but Lori Kay is one of the best! She not only helps you heal but gives you the tools to take home and continue to heal yourself. I'm so grateful for all her help. I will continue to refer my friends and family to her."
April L said,  "I called Lori at my absolute worst. Stress levels were so high, pain in my neck and headache. She was able to help me over the phone by using techniques and using intention. Lori does the best foot zonings too! Highly recommend her!!!"
Disclaimer: The information provided here is for education- to give general information concerning energy work and what LoriKay offers. The information provided here or during a session booked with LoriKay should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.  loriKay is not a doctor and does not diagnosis or prescribe.



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To restore health & empower others with tools to have a joyful life.

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