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"Investigating Health" energy work teaches your body to come into better order and healthier patterns by removing corrupting factors, (or energies) such as emotions, trauma, pathogens and toxins and reteaching the cells to align with their original blueprint.  I recognize what things are happening in your body and ask that they move to a more balanced state; as close to divinely organized as we can in mortality. I have also taken 2 additional classes in Investigating the Brain with Courtney Beardall where I have learned techniques to help with ADD, ADHD, concussions and even primitive reflexes that have not been intergrated properly in the brain.

You may have read about energy on the front page, but I will expand more here.  Energy is always moving and changing. Strong emotions are changing energy and the way your body is responding to energy. Infections or illness are changing your energy. Even the way you prepare your food and something as simple as adding a prayer changes the actual chemical process of your digestion. Why not change it on purpose? I love to teach clients to become more aware about what they are choosing - to wake up!  

There is a law of attraction that says, "Like attracts like."  This is also true in the body.  When there is an imbalance, certain things are attracted and become part of the imbalance. The imbalance may have started simple, with a trapped emotion or a virus, but in a short time, it has attracted other things.  For example, a virus will find host tissues and may attract bacteria or fungus to aid it in reproduction or appropriate atmosphere for growth. Now it may attract the low vibration of hate or anger that you have trapped in your body and adds them to the problem.  Now you have a recipe of imbalance creating more discomfort or disease.  It is no longer just a virus. It is its own unit with its own frequency that is over time changing and adding ingredients.  When investigating an imbalance or illness in the body, ALL parts of the recipe must be found and validated (to get it cancelled out) for an issue to have improvement. 

We have not only learned that our human body is making vibrations, but our mind and spirit are aware of them down to the tiniest detail.  With a client's permission and Christ's help, I can tap into your energy (no matter how far away you are from me physically; distance isn't a barrier). We can investigate what is causing the problem as I muscle test and use intuition to find all the aspects of the challenge and then we utilize another truth.  When you see all the reasons for something, it can be changed. Power is given over what is recognize.  Once I "see" what things are causing the imbalance and "tag" them in all the body’s systems, then the ability to alter them is possible.  I look at it as "now I know what to specifically ask for Christ's healing light to touch and change."  My intention is to be a tool in His hands and help others give their burdens to Christ and give gratitude to Him for healing. 

There are many energy healing modalities that help change the energy behind a physical, emotional or mental challenge. The beautiful thing about this modality is how very specific it is on a physical, emotional and even spiritual level.  

For those who are not familiar with muscle testing, the first concept is that we are all composed of a spirit and a body. The spirit comprehends everything about the body that houses it. It knows our imbalances and our needs. When we muscle test we are accessing information from our spirit.  Our muscles are not only there to give us physical support, but as a vehicle to uncover what is healthy to our body and what is not.  When we state a truth, our bodies are physically stronger, when we focus on an untruth our muscles become weak.  Our bodies cannot lie to us, like our conscious minds can and do. While our minds can trick us and influence our muscles, muscle testing done correctly is extremely effective at overriding conscious thought for amazing access to the hidden answers stored in the very cells of our body.  The beautiful thing about this modality is how very specific it is on a physical, emotional and even spiritual level.

I love to teach clients to become more aware about what they are choosing - to wake up!  There are studies about "Epigenetics" --which can affect our DNA.  Epigenetics means there are molecules ABOVE the genes that get activated by our actions, behaviors & even thoughts/beliefs which change the way our genes express.  So, for example, if identical twins behave differently, their body & the disease it exhibits can be quite different from one another.  That is a BIG reason why I sometimes give homework, to help bring awareness to how you are thinking & feeling.  It’s important to become awake & learn to recognize what mental & emotional state we are "playing" in & be humble enough to ask God for help & be willing to give up those lower feelings & frustrations - especially if we feel that we are justified in feeling them!  It’s just as important to remember that God loves us & to not beat ourselves up for the tendencies of the natural man.  There is guilt that helps us change & then there is guilt that is like quicksand & keeps us stuck.  With mindfulness as we continue to refine ourselves & learn to repent of our lower mental as well as emotional states (anger, fear, resentment. . .) we will eventually progress to a place of being able to align ourselves to the higher frequencies of love & gratitude for all things & truly feel peace.  I love helping people get in tune with their higher self as much as I love using different tools to help ease burdens.      


Please be aware that I am not a doctor.  I do not diagnose or claim to cure or prevent any disease.  This process often takes me 90 minutes, and I am happy to give a discount where for the first session I just charge $40 an hour for my time. 






Discimer:  The information provided here is for education - to give general information concerning Energy Work & what LoriKay offers.  The information provided here or during a session booked with LoriKay should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. LoriKay is not a doctor & does not diagnosis or prescribe.


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