How is Foot Zoning Different than Reflexology?

08/28/2013 17:15


Foot zoning is more detailed than reflexology as it treats every body system during a session and is directionally appropriate and in line with how each organ works in the physical body.  Dr. Charles Ersdal, a Norwegian doctor (M.D., M.A.) discovered that the body would consistently respond as a dynamically interralated whole rather than as separate symptomatic parts.     He charted the entire physiology including the brain, endrocrine, blood, lymph, circulation, masculature  and found that there was a directionally apprpriate way to address each signal. Foot zoning is a great way  to treat the body in its entirety.  The body's intellegience decides which order is best for overall healing to occur.

Before the 1930's Dr. FitzGerald discovered an interesting fact; that the application of pressure on the feet not only relieved pain in the correlating zone, but in the majority of the cases also relieved the underlying cause as well.  Dr. Riley became one of his students and worked with Eunice Ingham. She is considered the mother of reflexology because she was the one to map the reflex points on the feet and called this modality "reflexology." 

It was in 1950 that Dr. Ersdal heard of the reflexology technique and was helped tremendously.  His experience thrust him into 26 years of intense research.  Dr. Ersdal was interested in dicovering why reflexology would work on some patients but not others.

One night as he slept he had a dream which answered this question. He was told that the body needed to be treated in its entirety and not only the reflex points. He was also shown the placement of the spine, the organs and body systems on the feet.  Based on what he was shown, he continued his study of the human body and physiology.  During this time of research, Dr. Ersdal was able to chart the human anatomy as it relates to these points on the foot. He reaffirmed that this method utilizes the feet's natural "signal" system and even treats the signals for the organs and endrocrine system in a way that is directionally appropriate and in line with how that organ works in the physical body.


Balance Your Brain and connect more easily to applying knowledge and making decisions. During a session the autonomic nervous system is balanced (the part of the brain that deals with hormones, digestion, blood pressure) and the emotional part of our brain that affects how we interact with others. Balancing the meridians is also part of a Brain Balancing session as well as making sure that your energy is authentically yours. We often get overlayed by others energy. Experience the essence of YOU and come get connected to the beauty of what IS there. Book an appointment at

By accessing brain points & inviting blocks to dissolve, space is created to respond more graciously to daily circumstances. Helps with beliefs about money, control, communication, fear & sadness.

Did you know there is a part of your brain that holds information about the way you judge? Its a place where information about thoughts, ideas, beliefs, attitudes & emotions are held that you either aligned yourself to or resisted and reacted to which allowed those judgments to be implanted. Implants affect how you think, how you react and how you allow change in your body and thinking. The first step in clearing these implants is doing a brain balancing procedure where the right & left hemisphere of the brain is balanced and then putting the meridians in order with each power grid point.  I do really enjoy doing this kind of work and love to serve in this way!
During a Brain Balancing session I also clear a total of 24 brain processing centers.  One of which deals with what you are attracting into your life and to access the part where you  recreate  and stay looped in the same experience.    Other procesing cetners deal with us feeling kindness, gratitude and being able to FEEL calm and peaceful! Its a beautiful thing!
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 "An easy 5 stars, no brainer. But speaking of brains... what Lori-Kay does with brain balancing is amazing and powerful and life changing! I could feel the positive shifts inside my brain as she worked on me. That week, I noticed that I was thinking and behaving more positively and was not chained down by past belief systems that were not serving me. It really is beautiful what she does.

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