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Drained by all the electrical devices and negative energy  around you?  The world is full of toxins, electromagnetic radiation and EMF pollution.  Discover how to manage the effects of Intracellular Magnetic Exhaustion© which impacts the body through the technologies and electromagnetic field that surrounds us every day. Useful in every situation, transform almost any man made or natural product from a harmful state into a non-harmful state in just seconds with the amazing VM800 Hybrid Drops© and Vitality Mat©!  With the Vitality Mat©, simply place your electronic device on the mat for a less than 10 seconds to rid it of the negative effects, works as a placemat as well, ridding your food and dishes of all the additive energy of all the individuals who have handled it.  The Hybrid Drops© work on all devices to eliminate electromagnetic and radioactive discharge.
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Made with magnetic beads and real gemstones. Increases strength and endurance. Balances the entire body and each one is unique, no two are alike. Each one is constructed with one of each gem stone along with the triple power magnetic beads, so you are receiving the balancing and healing properties of those gemstones every time you wear it. Please include the size that you need if you desire to order (measure your wrist or ankle then add a 1/4 inch). Note: Because of the natural magnetism of the beads care should be taken to keep it away from a laptop computer or other computerized device.
Necklaces come in sizes from 15" to 24". Most men wear a 24" necklace. Each necklace has 6 turquoise gemstones for increased protection from radiation and electromagnetic interference. Specify colors: black, earth tones, white or rainbow, and we can construct a perfect piece for you!

Citrine: Attracts Wealth, Prosperity and Success
Bloodstone: Increases Courage, Selflessness and Calms the Mind
Turquoise: Protects against pollutants including radiation and helps with Depression and Panic Attacks
Onyx: Increases Vigor, Stamina and Self-control
Hematite: Dissolves negativity
Do not get wet or immerse in water  

 VM800 VITALITY MAT PRODUCTS©                                          
What is a VM800 Vitality Mat©?
The VM800 Vitality  Mat© is a blend of proprietary technologies infused into the fibers of a natural ecofriendly cloth and is used to increase vitality and a sense of well being while transforming harmful contaminants including environmental pollutions of all types, electromagnetic radiations and many other influences that may challenge the body each day.  It can also be used on your body to eliminate discomfort or pain.
How did the VM800 Vitality  Mat© come about?
In the summer of 2009, while attending a workshop taught by a retired scientist and several doctors who worked in the field of immunology, we were made aware of how many chemicals and substances we come into contact with each and every day that are harmful to our bodies and the environment. These harmful chemicals are used in almost everything we wear or put on our skin including the foods we eat, organic or not.
These same contaminants are found almost everywhere including our homes, cars, places of work, water, etc. and are meant to limit and reduce the quality of our lives. After we learned this information, we decided to find a way to protect ourselves and others from the damaging effects of these contaminants in our lives.
Through the blending of technologies and many months of testing we created the VM800 Vitality Mat© at a price everyone can afford and have in their homes and work places. It was meant to work quickly and be simple enough for anyone to use and improve the quality of their life. This blend of technologies has been created with our fast paced lifestyles in mind.
What are some of the things it transforms and makes less harmful?
The VM800 Vitality Mat© transforms chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, additives, colors, dyes, phenols, toxins, preservatives, viruses, bacterias, radiation, xenoestrogens and harmful frequencies, stabilizers, metals, detergents, paints, varnishes, solvents etc. Transforming almost anything it touches including, food, water, skin care, make-up, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, clothing, cigarettes, synthetic substances, cell phones, ear buds, electronics, computers, furniture, carpets, flooring, plastics, metals, minerals, vitamins, supplements and virtually anything that you use it on.
How long does an item take to Vitalize?
Most items take 5 to 7 seconds to complete the process.
Directions for Use:
You can use it two (2) ways:  

  1. Put the item to be transformed ON the mat OR
  2. Put the mat ON THE ITEM; both ways are equally effective. Let go of the item and in 5 to 7 seconds the process is complete.

  3. When using on food you can put the item on the mat right before you eat it. Set the plate with your food right on the VM800 Vitality Mat©  and remove your hands for 5 to 7 seconds. You may also place your whole bag of groceries on the mat for the same amount of time and it's finished.
    Why do I need to remove my hand from the item?
    That is a good question! Our bodies produce their own unique energy pattern and if you were to hold the mat or have it on your lap when you are neutralizing an item, your unique energy would interfere with the energy of the item being neutralized. So to avoid that interference, you can place the mat on the table or on an inanimate object, put the item to be neutralized on it without touching it for 5 seconds, and that item's unique energy pattern is neutralized and vitalized without any kind of interference.
    Many foods start to degrade after the preservatives and chemicals are neutralized, so if you want to put fruits or vegetables on the VM800 Vitality Mat© it is best to do so right before you eat them. It is the same for long term food storage items, put them on the mat right before eating. Flavors may be enhanced or neutralized depending on the item. Many times freshness returns and stale flavors disappear.
    How long does the VM800 Vitality Mat© last?
    It can be washed and dried as many times as needed without harming the technologies within the mat. Will last for the lifetime of the material with normal wear and tear.

    Other Uses:
    The VM800 Vitality Mat
    ©  may be used on the body in areas that are injured or where pain is experienced. Great for those with food allergies.

    Large VM800 Vitality Mat©  $25.00  Large Size approximately 12x12.  

    X-Large VM800 Vitality Mat©   $35.00 X-Large size cloth approximately 12x24

    The bamboo in these cloths will shrink the cloth size if you choose to use a drier.

     A vitality mat that will neutralize and vitalize items placed on it. Truly amazing using cutting edge technology! Can be used anywhere on the body for fantastic results! Great for
    those with sleep problems. Put it on your body or under your back while
    sleeping and notice the difference. Within a week you will be amazed at how
    your sleep has improved. Also very beneficial for natural pain reduction.

    Comes in blue, yellow, green or white and green striped.


    VM800 Hybrid©  Environmental Harmonizing Drops 
    These are truly amazing for neutralizing all forms of geopathic stress in our environment. Many devices and almost all man-made products emit harmful gases or electromagnetic frequencies/radiation that can cause a disruption in the human body manifesting as disease, allergies, nerve damage, irritation, agitation, and a general feeling of discontent. The natural stresses within the Earth (geopathic) can also cause disharmony within the body and environment. These include underground rivers, lava rock, rifts in the earth, fault lines etc. The VM800 Hybrid© Environmental Harmonizing Drops neutralize all forms of this stress, natural and man-made. Use them at work, home or wherever you spend your time.  Can be put on clothing, home furnishings, electronics, cellphones, computers, appliances, trees, plants, grass, asphalt, cement, power poles and boxes, paints, Smart Meters, telephone polesall forms of metals and plastics and the list goes on.
     Not for use on humans or animals
    *information taken from essential mother earth

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