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Wendy Jensen

07/03/2017 09:20
I loved the foot zone session you gave me, Lori-Kay Coleman! It really got me in the zone! It's awesome how you merge all the different techniques you have learned. I especially appreciate the tight spots you worked out in my feet - great prep for my hike down the Grand Canyon that week!
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Annette Lunt

07/03/2017 09:19
Lori-Kay Coleman you give amazing foot zones. I always feel more balanced and peaceful after.
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Kayleen Baguley Stanek

07/03/2017 09:18
I received my second foot zone from Lori-Kay Coleman today and it was great! She found a few areas for me to work on physically, emotionally, and even some issues that were stuck in my generational DNA. I love having my feet worked on, and Lori-Kay does a great job of balancing the body systems and...
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Sharon Walters

07/03/2017 09:17
we went to see Lori-Kay Coleman yesterday for Foot Zoning and we ABSOLUTELY Loved it!!! We can't wait to get back down here and go again! We were both so relaxed when we got done. Dan has not had feeling in his feet for a long time and yesterday he could feel his feet! We will definately be going...
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Rozanne Quent

07/03/2017 09:16
Lori Kay, you have an amazing gift and talent and we appreciate you sharing that with us
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Steve and Nancy Johnson

07/03/2017 09:14
Thank you Lori-Kay for the wonderful foot zoning sessions and energy sessions. We have seen amazing relief doing both. You're the Best!
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Steve and Nancy Johnson

07/03/2017 09:13
Thank you Lori-Kay for the wonderful foot zoning sessions and energy sessions. We have seen amazing relief doing both. You're the Best!
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Jessica Thomas Thornock

07/03/2017 09:11
Thank you Lori-Kay Coleman for the distance energy session! I'm very thankful it's so affordable compared to other practitioners. Yet, you have so much training and understanding!
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Shari Lyn

07/03/2017 09:10
Lori-Kay Coleman, my son and I are so grateful for you working on him today. You pinpointed issues that had been causing him stress and he is feeling much better. Gratitude for you being in tune! You gave him tools he can use to release emotions he is uncomfortable with. Priceless!
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Mark A

07/03/2017 09:05
In October of 2015, I re-injured my knee.  It's hard to explain how I injured it because it felt like a sprain but I didn't feel like I had really twisted it or anything.  I was running with a lot of weight on my back when it happened.  I couldn't put any weight on my left leg at all...
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