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Do you feel that you have tried everything and that your problem will last forever because there is no real solution for your unique challenge?  LoriKay has a myriad of alternative healing tools that bring balance mentally, emotionally & physically and loves teaching others so their brain & body functions more optimally. LoriKay's teaching and facilitating help others move forward with ease to do what is deeply desired.  She offers opportunity to work with her closely as a transformational coach that helps people take back their health through vibrational medicine and the power of the mind.  She also helps release the grip of negative subconscious programs so self sabotage stops.  She teaches the "Complete Alignment Technique" also known as the "Abundance Hacking Technique" which is a simple but thorough system that eliminates blocks, reduces pain and aligns subconscious beliefs as well as the body's cells to be in alignment with the goal that is desired.  In one way it helps your body and mind not act like its allergic to the things that are helpful and  addicted to what is not helpful.  She teaches zoom and live C.A.T. classes monthly.

LoriKay does healing sessions over the phone as well as in person.  She is certified in Foot Zone Therapy (similar to Reflexology)  and in Investigating Health™ with additional training in multiple other energy clearing modalities. She is also certified to teach the Complete Alignment Technique and 2017 completed 2 Advanced Investigating Brain classes which help bring a new depth to her practice.  She loves using Homeopathy & Smarterdrops™ as well as Meditation Techniques that bring balance to all FOUR bodies--Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual.  

LoriKay Coleman

It can take time to unravel a problem or get to the core of a physical, mental or emotional challenge.  When we learn the lessons of our trials, then they can be lightened or even removed.  We are very much like the layers of an onion or a ball of yarn.  It has taken many years to get to your present situation but there should be a level of peace & improvement felt after each session, especially if you are in tune with your body. 


Who Is LoriKay?


LoriKay has been married to Scott since 1989 & graduated from BYU in 1991 with him.  She was an elementary school teacher for 2 years before having her first son.  She now has 4 wonderful children. She always thought that she would go back to teaching when her youngest child was in school, but the severe health challenges she faced for 4 years after having her first 2 boys put her on a different path.  LoriKay has had the opportunity to grow while learning natural things to help with her health challenges. Some of those learning opportunities have been from hypoglycemia, gestational diabetes, glucose intolerance, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, Epstein Barr, fibromyalgia, food sensitivities, migraines, and severe skin rashes. She has recently learned that she has an autoimmune disease called Hashimotos, but is symptom free from all of the above ailments because of applying lifestyle choices, nutrition and energy work. She is hopeful that something that she recently learned will help with poor circulation and back pain.  (She rolled a car at 17 and wasn't wearing a seat belt!)  For the past 23 years the right people have shown up in her life helping her to achieve another level of health. Taking Footzoning Training in 2010 is where she started making leaps and bounds in her knowledge as well as ability to help others.  She is always learning more skills all the time.  She has learned a even more from Naturopaths and Neurologist Doctors at Mayo clinic while helping one of her children who has a genetic disorder of EDS and POTS diagnosis.  She now emphasized and incorporates teaching about the importance of life style with meditation and mindset and eating habits,as well as ways to get nutrition into the cells and how to detoxify gently.



What is Vibrational Medicine or Energy Work?

The first thing to understand is that everything is energy.  From the cells in your body to the emotions you feel, all are different forms of energy vibrating at their own specific frequency rates.  Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can, and does, change forms constantly.  It is a blessing that energy is able to change forms.  It is when energy stops flowing and becomes stagnant that the body will start to show signs of dysfunction and disease.

Energy work is any technique that is used to remove outside negative energy, repair the damage, and correct any remaining disturbances to the energy body.  Our bodies have energy fields and energy systems (ex. meridians, aura,chakras) which if not blocked will flow and keep us in good health.   These systems are organized and correspond with many of our physical systems.  These energy systems help and protect our physical bodies when they are functioning optimally but if there is damage of the flow of these energies, the parts of our bodies that they support or protect will begin to have challenges.  Sometimes physical damage to our human body cause corresponding damage to the energy body.  Mostly, it is a consequence of our life experiences and choices, as well as the emotions we have about them and even the outside energy influences we may be exposed to as result.

This is where I come in!  I am able to connect to your energy, identify what is causing the energy not to flow properly and help get it flowing again.  I work with your energy!  This is why I call myself an energy worker, not an energy healer.  Jesus Christ is the healer, I help as a conduit for His healing light and love to work towards achieving harmony in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies.   Sometimes I think of myself as a cleaning lady, helping take out emotional baggage to give to Christ and cleaning out chakras so His spirit may more easily flow into us, but unless actions change, big messes will continue to appear.

Eastern cultures have been practicing energy medicine for thousands of years developing a knowledge and understanding of energy systems of the body and how they are affected by harmful issues (emotions, traumas, pollutants, etc.)  These methods have been brought back to our culture at an ideal time.  Your body is truly designed to heal itself.  Its ability to keep a balance to maintain a healthy state is quite amazing.  The problem today is that we live in a very unbalanced world with plenty of influences that interfere with your body's natural ability to heal.  We can work together to peel the layers of negativity, dis-ease and blockages, preventing you from being "your best you."

What can energy work help with?

I have used energy work to help with many things, but I will list a few here:


-Pain in general

-Contusions (severly crushed tissue)- a bull stepped on a client's calf and the client was able to be dancing 3 days later

-Old knee energies- client wanted to do a huge bike ride, but an old knee injury was being problematic- went on the bike ride and beat the time of the other guy that he rode with

-Joint Pain

-Insomia- multiple things need to be addresed


-Asthma- multiple things need to be addressed

-Rashes- multiple things need to be addressed.



-Brain fog- multiple things need to be addressed

-Digestive issues- multipe thing need to be addressed. This is very tricky, energy work has usually reduced the intensity and frequency of the issue.  This is multifactural and needs to be hit at multiple angles.

-Morning sickness

-Baby won't take a bottle

-Baby throwing up all the time

-clearer thinking 



-Anxiety: mutliple things need to be addressed

-Myrid of emotions- the intensity can be reduced significantly-even fears






-Auditory Procesing Disorder

-Sensory Processing Diorders

-Learning disabilities





-Brain Injury 

-Primative relexes that are not intergrated







How Does Energy Work. . . Work?

Because we are based in energy, every molecule of us moves and vibrates. We are powered by energy from the electrical currents that power our heart and mind, to our more voluntary movements and motions. Streams of energy are flowing in and through us while powering our lives. When flow is interrupted, we can experience pain, dis-ease, disconnect, confusion, or a myriad of other symptoms. Energy work identifies and clears the blockages so proper energy flows, restoring homeostasis.  This can be done in person or over distance.  I can work independently and report back towards the end of your appointment time or have you on the phone with me during the entire hour long session. I like having a list of symptoms or challenges that you are experiencing to help you with. I do charge $40 for the first session and require an intake form to be electronically signed before starting work.  A first session may last as long as 90 minutes.  After the first session, I do offer packages that help the price stay at $40 a session instead of $60.  

Our bodies are MIRACLES! We are beings of divine nature that are programmed for healing. Lets work together to access and unlock healing. The true source of light and healing comes from the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Do you have to be a believer to experience healing? NO, all mankind can be blessed by the light of Christ. I am merely a facilitator.  All of my gifts, come form Him, including the ability to move and clear energies.

How Can I Connect to Your Energy?

First of all, I must have your permission to connect to your energy to work on you. Agency is one of God's laws that He is a respecter of.  Likewise, I will only work on those who have given me verbal or written permission to do so.

Secondly, all things in the universe are made of energy.  The light of Christ is in all things and because of this, we are all connected.  Have you ever had an experience when you could sense that something is happening to a loved one that isn't physically near you?  It is because you are energetically connected to this person that you are able to feel and sense what they are experiencing. After I get your permission I pray and ask if I have God's permission to work on you and then through that prayer and intention, I ask to connect to your energy.

How are You Able to Find Out What is Occurring in My Energy?

There is a reason this energy modality I practice is called Investigating Health!  Once I connect to your energy, I use several things to help me identify what is happening.  The first is the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  I listen to those thoughts and inspiration and follow through investigating where I feel directed to look to find the underlying issues.  The next tool I use is called muscle testing, sometimes referred to as applied kinesiology.  My body can now feel when there is a problem and feel when it is cleared.   I have charts that list different blocks that can happen in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  When I feel that there is a block then I ask if it can be cleared.  If the answer is no, then I ask why and often can find the reason listed on my chart (or have something brought to my mind.)

What is Emotional Release?

Our emotional baggage consists of actual energies, these energies can become trapped in our physical bodies. They distort the normal energy field of the body, creating pain, malfunction & all manner of disease.

Trapped emotions can affect you physically just as much as they can mentally and emotionally. Wind is a wonderful example of something that you cannot see, but yet  effects things; likewise, trapped emotions are invisible and yet can exert powerful forces that add to emotional difficulties, self-sabotage and at times can magnify the intensity of a physical illness.

Does Energy Work Fit with The Gospel of Jesus Christ?

The following was shared by Tamara Lang:

"Laboratory experiments by quantum phycistists in the last few decades have scientifically shown the existence of a universal field of energy. This has been important as I have studied whether the premises of Energy Medicine fit with the gospel of Jesus Christ & LDS beliefs. It has been amazing to discover how much prophets have written about healing & the invisible, subtle energy of light around us. They have compared the universal, subtle energy that physicists discovered with the light of Christ & paired other principles found in both science & religion. Parley P. Pratt taught, "There are several of these subtle, invisible sub- stances but little understood as yet by man, & their existence is only demonstrated by their effects." (Key to the Science of Theology, 39) Elder Pratt, who was an apostle, follows by teaching that the purest & most refined & subtle of all substances perform the healing of the sick & that those with spiritual gifts can feel & see it. What validating statements for facilitators of energy healing!"
"LDS leaders have also used terms like "spiritual radiation," "intelligence" & "divine immanence" instead of the world's vocabulary that includes such terms as "Chi",  "life-force energy" & "auras." Scientists use yet other terms for these electromagnetic fields & their subtle energies such as "Bio-energetic field," "Zero-point energy," & "corona discharge." Whether called Zero Point Energy by science or intelligence or the light of Christ by religion, they must be the same life-giving, governing power that fills the universe. John A. Widtsoe wrote, "The intelligence spoken of by the prophet [Joseph Smith] corresponds fully with the [universal] energy of science."  (Joseph Smith as Scientist, 141) It seems that science & religion are using different terminology to describe the very same essence! "The parallelism is complete. The holy spirit, in "Mormon" theology, corresponds with the ether of science." (Widtsoe, Joseph Smith As Scientist, 142)
"I have learned over & over that all truth fits together. God doesn't distinguish between scientific truth & religious truth because it is all His truth.  People are usually surprised to learn that chakras are spoken of in the Bible. A chakra is a swirling vortex of unseen subtle energy.  Scientists speak of them as step-down transformers for higher frequency subtle energies in the human bioenergy field."
"Biblical prophets such as Ezekiel & Daniel use the Sanskrit word for "chakras" which is "wheels" when they speak of them. Ancient traditions teach about these main energy centers being vertically aligned in the body.The book of Ezekiel says the prophet saw wheels going "up & down" the body "as a rainbow." (See Ezekiel chapter 1) Every color & location that Ezekiel mentions for the vertical colored "lamps" he saw match  the location &/or color of the ancient tradition's chakras. Furthermore, that prophet taught that the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels!" 

"Energy Medicine's healing techniques, commonly called 'energy work,' help create an organized environment for the chakras/spirit so that the body's innate intelligence can then heal on the physical level as well. God creates all things first spiritually before they manifest physically on the earth. (Moses 3:5) It is no surprise then, that one can first cleanse the chakras, the inner vessel that 'houses' the spirit, to effect change on a physical condition or illness. No wonder energy healing modalities are considered spiritual healing processes. John A Widtsoe wrote, "The explanation of the mysteries of nature will be greatly simplified when the Mormon doctrine of the position of intelligence in universal phenomenon is clearly understood by scientific workers." (Joseph Smith as Scientist, 130)
"The Bible shows a plethora of support for principles of Energy Medicine, which I discuss in the book I am writing. In addition, new fields & discoveries in science offer much validating evidence. For example, science has discovered that forgiving others & ourselves actually affects our DNA. The discovery that DNA can change is of immense importance. The new scientific field of Epigenetics supports teachings that we can consciously use our emotions to affect our DNA & our immune response.Our thoughts, emotions & feelings affect us physically! We are no longer victims of our heredity. Bruce Lipton teaches that with this knowledge we become masters of our health rather than victims of genetic circumstance. Underst&ing this can give ill people great hope."
"Recall that the glory Ezekiel saw, "was like burning coals of fire, & like the appearance of lamps; it went up & down among the living creatures & the fire was bright" (verse 13).  Verse 22 says above their head it was the color of the "terrible crystal" (which Bible scholars debate as being either white or purple).  Verse 26 says, "above the firmament over their heads it was the color of a sapphire stone" (deep blue).  Verse 27 reads, "I saw as the colour of amber ...from...  the loins upward."  Verse 27 reads, "from the appearance of his loins even downward I saw as it were the appearance of fire."  I don't know what color fire looks like to you, but orange or red seem to be likely c&idates because, "the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. "If you go back to verses 15-16 5 it speaks of "one wheel upon the earth,"  by the [four] living creatures.  The "appearance of the wheels & their work was like unto the colour of a beryl."  Scholars on various languages translate that word differently.  Some say a beryl is gold while others say it is commonly light green (or bluish   yellow, pink or white).  Interestingly, the heart chakra is said to be green &/or pink.  Since the colored lamps' "brightness was as a rainbow," (ROYGBIV) we are left to expect green somewhere.   In my book Healing Arts there are other quotes about fire & glory & wheels.   You can read in the Topical Guide under "wheel "& find other verses in Ezekiel 10 as well as other books.


What is Foot Zoning?

Within each person's feet lie detailed and complex signal systems. This signal system is thought to be connected to every part of the human anatomy: the circulatory, lymphatic, nervous, skeletal, endocrine, digestive, respiratory, reproductive, and muscular systems; as well as the emotional and spiritual bodies.  These signals are believed to run throughout our bodies, especially to the extremities: the ears, hands and our feet.  With this mapping, a trained & certified Foot Zone practitioner is able to access the body.

The knowledge of the reflexes on the feet and other extremitites has been around for thousands of years. Hieroglyphics and ancient paintings depicting this therapy have been found in Egypt and India.  Energy work through the feet also has roots in many other civilizations: Arabic, Grecian, Russian, European and even American Indian cultures have developed their own modality of healing through the feet.

In more modern terminology the body is accessed through the feet similar to the way a computer is accessed with a keyboard; allowing old programs to be deleted and gives our subconscious and physical brain the stimulus to correct and renew the body at the cellular level.

From the beginning, each cell in our body has had the knowledge and capability of renewing itself. Our DNA pattern holds a perfect blueprint of our body and is able to heal and rebuild the perfect cell. We daily become subjected to a host of toxins; from the air we breathe, to the food we eat, and the water we drink- even our negative thougths and emotions can be toxic. Compounded with these toxins we regularly experience health robbing stress and it unquestionably takes a toll on us.

Zone therapy encourages the body's natural healing capability by stimulating blood circulation, hormone balance, lymph flow, digestion, assimilation, and elimination. Zoning helps this physical healing occur because it puts the body in a parasympathetic state. Zoning balance does take time. It works with the body's own innate intelligence, and only allows the body to do what it can when it can.

I have personally enjoyed learning about how energy work can be applied during zoning sessions. For instance, I work with chakra signals during the footzone and help those energy centers open and flow.  I also can find emotional vibrations that are trapped in the physical tissues and help them release.  I also absolutely love applying simple emotional release techniques during the zone but also offer just energy sessions.

How is Complete Alignment Technique Unique?

Why the Complete Alignment Technique is Unique

  1. Aligning vs Clearing/Removing
    1. If something is not serving you then align it—it helped create who you are today
    2. You are not broken: align all of what you are
    3. Align so it doesn’t inhibit
    4. Helps shift towards what you want

***You can align to the extent that it appears to be removed as it no longer has an affect

  1. Complete Alignment vs partial Alignment

Many tools get you to a partial alignment, but there is still a part that is resisting. 

  1. Aligning vs Transferring Energy

Not infusing an energy into something, but is something everyone can easily learn.

  1.  Aligning vs Declaring
    1. More than just stating affirmations
    2. Words have power- they are vibrational frequency.
    3. Aligns with highest definition of a word for each individual
  2. Aligning vs vision boards

Visualizing has a lot of power especially if you do it with emotion/passion and lots of repetition. We want to align more than just the brain- there may be other opposing frequencies that need alignment.


  1. Align for Immediate Lasting Results vs Temporary High

Releasing emotion can have a reaction where endorphins help the body feel good.  People can get addicted to emotional processing.  With Alignment, you will feel better, but it sticks!

  1. Align vs tricking subconscious
    1. Not hypnotizing   – not directly speaking to subconscious
  2. Aligning vs Breaking Thru Barriers

Taking self through a crazy experience to burst through blocks and get an epiphany: fire walking/arrow breaking




What does the Complete Alignment Technique do?


A simple yet powerful energy technique that helps every cell in the body to get into alignment with what you desire.  Powerful way to make the subconscious mind not sabotage you.  It gets your mind to work for you and not against you.

The Complete Alignment Technique also does the following:

Freedom from the negative aspects of self preservation

Helps mental stability and experience more peace and hope

Helps memory, emotions and motivation

Forms new memories associated with learning 

Help internal organs function more optimally

Purifies the blood

Connects you to your personal power 

Connects the heart and mind

Neutralizes negative energy

How it gets stagnant energy to flow so disease is less likely to happen

How it strengthens your magnetic field

How it increases the ability to plan, reason and use judgment

How it interrupts the stress-feedback loop

Why it can help reduce pain


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