What is the purpose of the Foot Zone?

08/28/2013 17:14


The purpose of the Foot Zone Technique is to help bring the body into balance.  The spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies do not work in isolation, but rather in tandem. While they do each have their own role and function, Ezra Taft Benson said, "There is no question that the condition of the physical body affects the spirit."  Foot zoning brings the mental & emotional bodies into balance as well.  The foot zone allows each cell in our body to resonate at its intended frequency. By accessing the energy meridians in our feet we can stimulate the signals prompting the body to go back to its original state of vibration which will rejuvenate, restore & rebuild. 

How long balance is maintained from the foot zone is determined by the client’s willingness and diligence in addressing imbalances in each of these bodies - spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. During a footzoning session they can learn other actions that help their body maintain balance and be empowered with how to more fully take charge of their whole wellbeing. 

Discimer:  The information provided here is for education - to give general information concerning Energy Work & what LoriKay offers.  The information provided here or during a session booked with LoriKay should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. LoriKay is not a doctor & does not diagnosis or prescribe.


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